Saturday, December 30, 2006

Why Jerusalem?

During the last of the semester at BYU, I talked to several students who expressed desire to go. When I asked them why they didn't apply, several of them told me that they had asked their parents, but their parents were too nervous about the situation.
Honestly, though I can see where they are coming from, the idea is completely foreign to me. My sister and I are really excited to go, and my parents even more so (if that's possible). I decided to ask my mom why she wasn't nervous about Rachel and I going to an area of the world that is still on the Federal Government's travel advisory list. She basically said this:
"People are afraid of the unknown. Your father and I have both been over there, as have your brother and sisters. We aren't nervous about your going because we know what it's like. The Jerusalem Center Students are very well liked and respected by the local community because they are respectful of local customs and traditions. They are good students and examples of how we should live our lives.
"Because the center is well established and the students are respected, there are good contacts to warn them of any potential problems or danger, so the students can avoid those areas that might be questionable, even on a daily basis.
"On top of all of that, the Brethren, BYU and local governments decided that now is the best time for students to go back, and I'm inclined to believe them. It's not that we love you less, it's just that we know the area and feel safe letting you go."
So I honestly think that, even though there are problems over in the Middle East, as long as we're smart and listen to the Center's directors, we shouldn't have any problems. Hopefully more people get convinced when we get back.


Nancy said...

We'll definitely be regulars at your blog.

Unknown said...

It'll definitely be good to keep up with you!

Melanie said...

If you'll post a brief notice before you head to various sites, I'd love to share insights/things to watch for based on my experiences in Israel. Hopefully, that might enrich your experience. Sure love you, little brother!

Adrienne said...

I'll be reading. :) I just wish that I could be there!